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You can get in touch with us any time if you have any questions or need any information.  We would be happy to answer any concerns you may have at any time.  

You can also call us on 01324 551444, email us at or pop in to visit the nursery where we are always there to speak face to face.

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Tiptoes nursery is a place to create, enjoy, explore and learn.  Our aim is to provide child centred quality education in an environment that will support your child's needs and development.  

Designed to let each child explore and grow at their own pace, our homely indoors and the adventurous outdoors provides the perfect environment for all your child's needs. 

Tiptoes Nursery is conveniently located in Larbert, Stenhousemuir.  We are less than a mile away from the Larbert train station and within a stone's throw away from the Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert.  


Ethos and Values


Our aim is simple - to provide the right physical and mental environment for every child to reach their full potential.

We have refurbished the entire nursery and meticulously adapted our indoors and outdoors to support our aim for every child to reach their full potential! Designed to let each child explore and grow at their own pace, our homely and friendly indoors complementing the green, natural and adventurous outdoors, provides the perfect, fun and creative environment. 

We believe that there is no ceiling for the quality of childcare we provide and will ensure we keep raising the bar by working together with the children, parents and the staff.   We are be guided by the comprehensive national guidance on Pre-Birth to three and the Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence.


The great outdoors

Many studies have already shown the benefits of spending time outdoors. We have utilized our vast outdoor space to provide just that!  In the early and later years of childhood, spending time outdoors supports the development of healthy and active lifestyles through physical activity, movement and freedom.  

Playing and learning outside will give children contact with the natural world and offer them experiences that are unique to the outdoors. These include learning about the environment, understanding and respecting nature and being exposed to different types of seasons. Our aim at Tiptoes is to provide the most natural environment with abundant time spent outdoors for your children to play, grow and most importantly have fun!

Our outdoors is a maze of fun especially now that it is entirely redesigned. The future  wee architects will be designing the next constructions in the sand pit, mathematicians counting in the pebble pit, the chefs making a range of delicacies in the mud kitchen, the farmers growing their own vegetables in our veggie patch and the explorers enjoying campfire marshmallows. We ensure kids have access to the outdoors all year round. We will provide puddle suits in the wet and snowy winter months and shaded cool areas for the warm summer months. Of course when the elements are not favourable or the 'wee' like a cosy rest then the indoors await... 

the cosy indoors

Purpose built, state-of-the-art, interactive and fully equipped the entire indoors at Tiptoes has had a facelift. We have chosen natural materials through out to make sure hearts and minds are both thought provoking and stimulating with calm areas where children can enjoy some 'me' time!

Rest assured every day in Tiptoes is guaranteed to be fun!



Care Inspectorate

Tiptoes Nursery will be inspected at regular intervals by the Care Inspectorate. Please find our latest report here.



How to get to us


Tiptoes Nursery is based at Valeview, Stenhousemuir, Larbert, FK5 3BY, Scotland.  

More information and maps to get to Tiptoes Nursery are available via the contact page

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Find out about the Tiptoes Nursery team, how to contact us, or more information on joining.