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You can get in touch with us any time if you have any questions or need any information.  We would be happy to answer any concerns you may have at any time.  

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New season, new start!


Keep up to date with the latest news from Tiptoes Nursery. 

Tiptoes Nursery is now under new management and having a facelift! We are making lots of improvements to Tip Toes….check out what we are up to!

New season, new start!

Sheetal Shah

As the seasons change and Autumn is upon us, things are changing at Tiptoes Nursery too!  Tiptoes Nursery is under new management and having a facelift!  We are making lots of new improvements at Tiptoes. Keep updated with what we're up to either on this News page or via our Facebook and Twitter.



We want a nursery that is a home away from home for the wee ones. Our ethos is based on Early Years research that children learn best through natural play using materials that young children can use for creative play i.e. providing an environment for open-ended natural resources.



The cosy indoors:   We are changing the indoors from tip to toe at Tiptoes. The entire indoors is getting refurbished with new equipment and exciting creative toys. Parents, staff and most importantly the wee ones will choose what goes into Tip Toes!

The great outdoors:   Tiptoes has oodles of space outside, ideal to focus on outdoor based learning. That is exactly what we intend to do!  Just like the inside of Tiptoes over the next six to twelve months the children at Tiptoes will be able to enjoy and explore the new outdoors! We are currently planning the development of the entire outdoor space and plan to include an outdoor sandpit, classroom and even a campfire pit! Very soon kids at Tiptoes will be able to enjoy campfire marshmallows, indulge in a mud kitchen and become expert farmers growing their own veggies.  


Delicious bites to eat

After all that hard work in the outdoors we will need to feed those hungry wee tummies!  We will be introducing delicious home cooked two course lunches, which will be cooked by Sharon, one of the parents of our children.  Please look at the sample menus displayed on the website.  

We intend to provide a balanced diet with ample fruits and vegetables alongside tasty hot meals. Of course if there are any specific requirements just ask and we will more than accommodate!



We are making changes fast. We do apologise for any disruption this may cause in the mean time but at the end the kids will have created a magical place with warm tranquil indoors and exciting outdoors.

We hope to start the indoor refurbishments in the next few weeks and these will finish in a six to eight weeks. The outdoors refurbishments will take place over the coming six to twelve months.

What about the tasty food? Well the hot meals start straight away. We will let all the parents know when we introduce this.