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You can get in touch with us any time if you have any questions or need any information.  We would be happy to answer any concerns you may have at any time.  

You can also call us on 01324 551444, email us at or pop in to visit the nursery where we are always there to speak face to face.

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Tiptoes Nursery is now under new management and having a facelift! We are making lots of improvements to Tip Toes….check out what we are up to!

Parent Evening - Numeracy and Literacy at Tiptoes

Sheetal Shah

We would like to invite you all to a presentation on Numeracy and Literacy at Tiptoes on Thursday 9 November at 6.00pm.  Maths surrounds us in everyday life and yet we tend to think that we have no immediate connection with the subject. We will explore how to recognise this, and how to engage with and nurture young children in our care, to connect with Mathematics in ways that make sense to them in their daily life.  We hope you will find this evening interesting and useful as we will be speaking about how children in our care are experiencing maths and language and how we are supporting and nurturing this for each of them.