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Early Years Outdoor Training

Our aim is simple - to provide the right physical and mental environment for every child to reach their full potential.

We have refurbished the entire nursery and meticulously adapted our indoors and outdoors to support our aim for every child to reach their full potential! Designed to let each child explore and grow at their own pace, our homely and friendly indoors complementing the green, natural and adventurous outdoors, provides the perfect, fun and creative environment. 

We now offer specialised training in outdoor learning for early years. Steven White, our resident Nursery Manager is a specialist in this area. Steven has been developing and delivering bespoke coaching and training to individuals and groups for 18 years throughout the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. In addition to this Steven has successfully led teams in Education as Head of several highly established early years settings, within Scotland. These settings all focus particularly on an Outdoor Education and Steven has been instrumental in supporting the growth of the nature pedagogy in mainstream education throughout Scotland.

The courses outlined below are samples of what we can offer, however we can provide more practical training sessions such as fire building and den building. We are able to tailor our courses to your requirements, please get in touch with us to discuss.

Please listen to Steven sharing his thoughts about early years and nature pedagogy at Kathy Brodie's Autumn Summit.  It gives an insight into our beliefs and approach at Tiptoes Nursery within the early years sector.


Risky Play “A Tiptoes Way”

Course Length: 3 hours

Course Type: Face to face

This course will open the philosophy and methodology that leads the practice within our setting here at Tip Toes Nursery, paying attention on Risky Play and learning.

Feedback from this course so far:

"Staff enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and appreciated listening to Steven's experiences and knowledge of risky play in Early Years. Training was very inclusive'' - Head of Playgroup


Recording, Evaluating and providing the next steps through Child led learning

Course Length: 3 hours

Course Type: Face to face

At present there is a great focus on Child led learning, what does this look like in practice and how can you ensure that the child is at the centre of their learning journey. This course will equip you to create, develop and follow the Child’s journey through a simple but highly effective approach to documenting learning.


Language of Literacy and Mathematics in Early Years

Course Length: 3 hours

Course Type: Face to face

At present there is a high level of talk going on in our educational settings and not enough listening. This course will discuss the benefits of both and produce a base line for practitioners to create a platform for literacy and language, that is in relation to our children and that is in context to their world. Maths surround us in everyday life and yet we tend to think that we have no immediate connection with the subject. We will explore how to recognise this, and how to engage with and nurture young children in our care, to connect with Mathematics in ways that make sense to them in their daily life.

Feedback from our courses so far:

"I found the professional dialogue exchange motivational. I have been inspired to look at literacy and numeracy from a new perspective." - Early Years Practitioner

"The challenge questions posed by Steven inspired my team to look inwards and reflect on current levels of service provision, he provided high quality examples of literacy and numeracy experiences being offered within his setting to challenge their thinking. Steven's vision was evident and has inspired me to lead my team to further explore innovative methods of positively engaging our children going forwards." - Manager

"Interesting and informative training session offering innovative ideas to extend literacy and numeracy experiences for every child.' - Early Years Practitioner

"The training made me reflect the way I speak to the children and will impact on my future interactions." - Trainee


Developing your Outdoor spaces

If you are looking to develop your outdoor space for play and learning, then get in touch. We will nurture you through an imaginative journey that engages the adult and child in active dialogue and practical hands on experiences needed to fulfil the project.

Confidence and inspiration is all you need to realise the full potential that you possess to deliver a highly engaging outdoor space to your Children, Families and Staff.


  • To improve the outdoor experiences within your outdoor play scape

  • To engage and learn the in-depth processes used to transforming the outdoor area. Taking that initial idea scribbled on paper, through to the realisation, of providing an engaging play scape to your children.


  • Review current practice in supporting and developing all aspects of the Child’s outdoor learning

  • Identify and evaluate the balance of indoor and outdoor learning by Children in our setting and create a strategy to develop a balance that is appropriately beneficial for Children

  • Assess and identify the adult role, resources and environment to take forward current practice

The courses outlined are samples of what we can offer, however we can provide more practical training sessions such as fire building and den building. We are able to tailor our courses to your requirements, please get in touch with us to discuss.

If you have any questions, want to know more or would like to book training, please get in touch with us and we will come back to you.
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